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Meet The Team


Bryan Cuello

Creative Director, Photographer Cinematographer

Desert in Dark
Ceena Vang

Bryan Cuello

Director, Producer,

Head of Media


Steven Reyes

Editor, Post Production,

Head of Marketing

Director of Experience, Manager

Ceena Vang

Photography Studio


Iris Media is a team of Detroit creatives who bring together the very best in content creation and experiential events. With a strong emphasis on bite-size media, our team has executed award-winning campaigns that serve as the greatest representation of company brands.  


We assist in the vision, plan building, and execution promptly. 

What separates us from others, is understanding the importance of cerebration and divergent thinking. We emphasize “outside the box” strategies and nurture current ideas to fit our client's goals. 

Our team consists of International Film Makers, Top tier editors, Event planners, and Marketers who understand the importance of impactful storytelling. Aside from being winners of several film festivals; Mindfield Film –– Hollywood Boulevard ––African International Film –– Made in Michigan Film


Together, with our local and global partners, Iris Media has provided top-notch brand integrated content across the media spectrums.

We are proud of our track record and remain committed to bringing out the best from our talent, production team, and the companies that trust us with their vision. 


We thank you, for the opportunity to work together.  


Cheers to more storytelling, 


Iris Media Team

OUR Global Partners

Thank you to our Partners for providing the resources to surpass expectations for all of our clients.