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"Being able to bring things to life through creative storytelling is a passion.  Something better?  Building a team that does the same "

Born and raised in NYC, you were bound to turn a corner and witness a film in the making. Better yet, you’d turn on the television and chances were, you’d find your city in a popular HBO show or a Blockbuster VHS.


The works of Stanley Kubrick and Guillermo del Torro were enough to inspire a visual storyteller at the age of 10. With a heavy influence of my surroundings, I began to script and rewrite plots that I perceived as lack luster. “How can I make this better?”


In 2009 I moved to the Midwest, Grand Rapids. What was once grungy alleys, graffiti subways and corner store bodegas, soon became nature trails, gaslight villages, and some of the most conservative people eva (Nyc Accent implied)


However, it was here that I picked up my first DSLR. I have met great milestones; published in Opium Red and Elegant Magazine. As well as working with celebrities from Def Jam and creating content internationally. 


I later picked up a Sigma 1.8 Cinematic Lens that has inspired most of my video work. Channel Iris is a life style brand that has utilized my content exclusively. 


As of November 2020, I am a Detroiter. My goal is to assist brands and artists through visual story telling and marketing. I am part of a great team that helps bring ideas into fruition.  

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